Our Programs – Marriage and Family Center

Some of the Programs and Services We Provide

People visit the center for help with a lot of different personal issues. Sometimes they have habits or feelings that keep them feeling sad, stressed, or unfulfilled.

Sometimes they lack life direction or enjoyment. Other times they have trouble feeling comfortable around others or with themselves in different situations. In individual therapy, you and your therapist will work together to figure out exactly what goals to focus on, and come up with a plan to help you reach those goals.

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Services For Couples and Families

Couples Therapy:
Are you struggling with a relationship that just isn’t working? Relationship problems can leave you feeling lonely and hopeless.
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Pre-marital Counseling:
Whether you and your partner-to-be feel you will always get along, or have some pre-marital wrinkles to smooth out, premarital counseling can help.

Parent Coaching:
We get most of our parenting skills from those who raised us. Sometimes those skills aren’t enough to deal with extreme behaviors our children can sometimes show.

Services for Families:
Sometimes issues impact a whole family: not just one or two people. Family therapy involves multiple members of a family—often the entire household—who sit down together with a therapist to face family obstacles to peace and happiness.

Sometimes family life is extremely disrupted by a life-changing event.

Parent Support Therapy:
Whoever is providing the parenting, whether a foster parent, a step parent, a grand parent, or a more traditional parent, that job can be very difficult. When it is, support is critical.