Couples Classes Promote a Couple’s Caring, Respect, & Fun

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Some people prefer a more informational class setting to an individual counseling session. Our couples classes are a series of four weekly classes taught by relationship experts and covering topics we have found come up most frequently when counseling with couples.

People often think there are only two choices when a marriage or significant relationship goes sour: endure in misery, or end the relationship. This is because it feels like we are already doing everything possible to make the relationship better. There actually exist many other options—options that involve bringing more than enough love, joy, freedom, and fun back into the relationship to make it worth holding on to.

Each four week class has a different focus, but throughout the class you and your partner will learn about important topics like these:

Marriage classes have been shown in recent research to significantly reduce the divorce rate of participants. This is consistent with other studies showing that improving communication and conflict-resolution skills, while increasing commitment, trust, intimacy, and connection, reduces people’s reasons to get divorced.

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